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HotBox Top 10: Best Beauty Product Must-Haves


Every girl has her beauty vices.  Here is a list of the top ten beauty products I absolutely cannot cannot live without (like seriously, I might not survive if they were discontinued….). Click on the pictures to view the item in store, and leave a comment below if we forgot to add your favorite-can't-live-without beauty…

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Iconic Celebrity Makeup Looks


Holly Powell at Cosmetics4Less has created this amazing Iconic Celebrity Makeup Looks Guide for 11 different celebrities spanning across seven decades to help you create your own inspired celebrity makeup look! I have to say that my favorite is definitely Audrey Hepburn (although that is probably just because I am obsessed with her in general). Enjoy…

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Beauty: New Years Eve Tips


By Sarah Wise Now that you’ve got your New Year’s Eve dress, shoes, and jewelry all settled (hopefully), you’re probably trying to decide how to finish off your look for the big night. As you think about how to style yourself, here are some quick tips to help you waltz into the New Year with all…

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The Best Skin Routine For Twenty-Somethings: Staying Young!


It's confusing being a twenty-something in a world where looking and staying young is valued because we are young. We have the advantage...but not for long. My biggest fear is that I'll eventually turn out looking like one of those women who is thirty-years old, but because of the kinds of plastic surgery she gets to stay looking…

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