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Beginner’s Guide: How to Make Money Fashion Blogging

How to Make Money Fashion Blogging Online

Have you always wanted to start a blog but didn't know if the time and effort could actually be worth it in the long run? Do you have a blog already and are looking for ideas about how to monetize it? This post is a basic overview of the different ways bloggers can make money…

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Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Kit: Keep Yourself Together, Girl


You're probably used to seeing posts on "Holiday Survival Kits," most of which contain useless, gratuitous items that will only complicate and could even hinder your survival on the holidays. MY holiday party survival hinges on one important philosophy: Keep Yourself Together, Gurl. Check out my four phases of a typical holiday party night, and the…

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17 Amazing & Inspiring Workspaces That Will Actually Make You Want To Get Stuff Done

Amazing & inspiring workspaces and home offices

There's something about a perfectly dolled up workspace that just makes you feel better about the world. It's kind of like, even if I'm not getting anything done, at least my desk is killin' it. And even if your home office is lacking in the inspiration department (as is mine), you can always just print out…

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10 Cute & Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas

best halloween costumes: frozen queen elsa DIY

So I've been scouring the internet for this year's perfect halloween costume, and I've discovered a lot of cute ideas (some more cute than others) as well as a lot of talented beauty gurus on Youtube that show you how to top off your look with the perfect costume makeup. I've compiled a list below of…

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Effy Stonem (Skins UK) Makeup Tutorial


Effy Makeup by sarahperryy on Polyvore Remember our post on Effy Stonem's immpecable style? Well, next we want to share with you one of the coolest parts about her look-- her makeup.  Chalk it up to amazing SKINS stylists, but her look always reflects her state of mind.  Hanging out with friends?  Natural look with…

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