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Ten Fall Trend Pieces to Fall For

Ten Fall Trends to Fall For: Fur Vest

I think we are due for a little Fall inspiration now that it’s post-labor day September. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite Fall trends for 2015. You’ll notice a lot of boho pieces, winter whites and fun textures and prints throughout. This is just the first post of many to come on my favorite […]

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No Pants are the Best Pants: 10 Lingerie Brands to Love

10 Lingerie Brands to Love - For Love and Lemons

Everyone knows that no pants are the best pants, which is why it is absolutely necessary to have super cute (and super comfy) underwear! I’ve compiled my top 10 list of the sexiest, cutest and most-confidence-boosting lingerie brand picks. Which are your favorites? 1. For Love And Lemons (@forloveandlemons) 2. Gooseberry Intimates (@gooseberryintimates) 3. La […]

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17 Top Swimwear Brands You Need to Know About

best bikini swimwear brands summer triangl

So, it’s that time of year again. Time to shop for some new bikinis for that bikini body you hope you will have by the summertime. I’ve taken the liberty of stalking pretty much every swimwear brand (and bikini-clad insta beauty) I could find on Instagram to compile a super list of the top swimwear […]

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17 Amazing & Inspiring Workspaces That Will Actually Make You Want To Get Stuff Done

Amazing & inspiring workspaces and home offices

There’s something about a perfectly dolled up workspace that just makes you feel better about the world. It’s kind of like, even if I’m not getting anything done, at least my desk is killin’ it. And even if your home office is lacking in the inspiration department (as is mine), you can always just print out […]

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10 Dream Closet Inspirations

top 10 dream closet inspirations

Here are 10 dream closet inspirations to make you drool. I mean, these closets take “walk-in” to a whole new level. Clearly the only thing more important than owning fashionable clothes is having an even trendier place to keep them in. A girl can dream, right? via DecorPad via Pinterest via Pinterest via Pinterest via Pinterest […]

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