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Things I would kill for..

Swap These Old Styles for New Spring Trends

Cute White Summer Dress

It never fails. Each year, a thorough spring cleaning leaves even the tidiest people confused as to how certain things could unknowingly be left to slip into a mess. There's an inch of dust on the ceiling blades you never noticed. The bottom of the fridge drawers are covered in bits of old, rogue greens.…

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27 Bikini Brands Worth Working Out For This Summer

Bikinis You'll Actually WANT to Work Out For - Private Party

You've seen them on Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr... those PERFECT bikinis for summer. So perfect that they actually make you WANT to work out for them. Funny how inspirational a tiny, well-designed piece of material can be, huh? Check out my list of the cutest bikini brands for this season that are flattering, sexy, unique and…

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Top 10 Clothing Brands Perfect For Coachella

15 Up-and-coming Brands to Be Obsessed With - For Love & Lemons

It's that time of year again...festival (Coachella) season. Whether you're going for a softer bohemian look, an edgy denim and crop top ensemble, or a crochet-coverup-bikini-combo, these ten brands have got your dream Coachella outfit covered. 1. FOR LOVE AND LEMONS [“Los Angeles fashion brand cultivated on the principles of confidence, femininity, and individuality”] 2. JEN'S PIRATE…

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15 Up-and-Coming Clothing Brands to be Obsessed With

15 Up-and-coming Brands to Be Obsessed With - Lovers + Friends

Looking for unique, cute clothes that everyone else doesn't already have? Same. I've scoped out the best rising clothing designers and listed some of my favorites below! 1. LOVERS + FRIENDS ["An LA-based label made for a.m. to p.m., for girls' night out to date night in, for lovers and friends"] 2. JEN'S PIRATE BOOTY ["head turning,…

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Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting for He & She Who Have It All

Best Creative Valentines Day Gifts for HE who already has everything!

I think my go-to present for anything boyfriend-related has always been a wallet. For some reason, most of my past boyfriends have either used a rubber band, a paperclip or some form of seven-year-old-boy velcro wallet. Needless to say, I need a little help in the creativity department when it comes to gifts. I feel like…

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