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Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting for He & She Who Have It All

Best Creative Valentines Day Gifts for HE who already has everything!

I think my go-to present for anything boyfriend-related has always been a wallet. For some reason, most of my past boyfriends have either used a rubber band, a paperclip or some form of seven-year-old-boy velcro wallet. Needless to say, I need a little help in the creativity department when it comes to gifts. I feel like […]

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Top 15 Best Australian Online Boutiques

Top 15 BEST Australian Online Boutiques on

Some of my favorite stores to shop at, and Instagram accounts to follow, are online store in Australia. I find that they have styles that are just not available at US stores, and I’m especially obsessed with their spring and summer pieces. Here’s a list of my favorite ones: SHOWPO SABOSKIRT MURA BOUTIQUE LALA LAND […]

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Ultimate Holiday Party Survival Kit: Keep Yourself Together, Girl


You’re probably used to seeing posts on “Holiday Survival Kits,” most of which contain useless, gratuitous items that will only complicate and could even hinder your survival on the holidays. MY holiday party survival hinges on one important philosophy: Keep Yourself Together, Gurl. Check out my four phases of a typical holiday party night, and the […]

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Texture: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Texture App - the Best holiday gift ever

I admittedly have a pretty short attention span. I rarely buy magazines anymore because I feel like the articles I actually want to read are few and far between, and I also have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to my reading choices (I can switch quickly from an article on the latest “superfood” […]

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Sleeping, Eating & Sarcasm: The Best of Graphic Tees

Best & Stylish graphic tees

We all love a good graphic tee. And let’s be honest, they pretty much encompass four basic themes: sleeping, eating, sleeping & eating together, sarcasm and not wearing pants (ok, so five themes). I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tees by each of these genres for your enjoyment, any hopefully you will leave here […]

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