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Not like you care, but..

Warm to the Core: What’s Up with UNIQLO’s New HEATTECH Collection?

Uniqlo HeatTeach #warmtothecore

So, it's that time of year again in New York City...the time of year when it is mid-November and the temperature is still hovering around 60 degrees. I'm honestly frightened by how long our winter is going to be if our "Fall" is lasting this long. That's why I'm getting prepared for what I know…

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There’s Never a Wrong Time to Wear Neon Pink

Sexy Pink Dress by Mura Boutique

Why does wearing neon pink feel so right? Probably because it's summer and probably because this dress from Mura Boutique is just casually my new obsession. Plus, neon anything makes me look more tan, and you KNOW I need all the help I can get right now (I refuse to real tan outside because sun cancer…

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Gettin’ Sweaty with Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty workout leggings & fabletics bra

I told you guys you would be seeing some more active wear posts! My new obsession: Sweaty Betty. These leggings are da bomb...everything I want in workout pants: comfortable, breathable, functional (zipper pocket in the back to put your phone/keys in!) and adorable. I AM that person working out that gym that always has a…

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White Summer Lace & Leather with BED|STÜ

Cute summer lace romper

I just can't kick my leather addiction, and BED|STÜ is SUCH an enabler. These brown leather wedges are the most comfortable things I have ever put on my feet...I refuse to take them off. These shoes are handcrafted to PERFECTION. The leather is so soft (no blisters here), and the expert craftsmanship that went into these…

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#SeasonsofColor with a Little Striped Mini Dress & MyWalit

Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

Spring, the #seasonofcolor, is almost here in New York, but let's be honest--my #seasonofcolor will always include some form of black and white (my two favorite colors). I loved pairing this little striped mini dress with these black leather Nikes and my perfect little MyWalit companion! I think this look is the perfect transitional outfit into…

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