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The Most Comfortable Spring Sandals You Will Ever Wear

The Most Comfortable Spring Sandals You Will Ever Wear

This post is generously sponsored by Zappos.

Questions That Need Answers: Do walkable heels exist? Do comfortable spring sandals exist? Is there really a cupcake ATM somewhere in New York City?

little mini summer dress & comfortable spring sandals

Ok, last question can be addressed at a later date, but first two need ANSWERS! I need a pair of heels that I won't walk like a newborn giraffe in and also maybe can stay comfortably upright for more than 10 minutes at a time.

THE ANSWER: Ladies, meet my new comfortable spring sandals (actual real heels that I can walk in!): Clarks Ralene Sheen.

Adorable brown suede comfortable spring sandals
Most Comfortable Sandals That Are Actually Cute Award goes to: Clarks Ralene Sheen ($110)

I've owned a couple pairs of Clarks shoes in the past; I had some basic black flats that I cocktail waitressed in because they felt like little feet pillows and standing up 11 hours straight really doesn't make your body too happy as it turns out. 

So, I was HOPING that these beautiful little suede babies were going to be as comfortable as my previous pair of feet pillows, but WAY cuter. After waiting all of two days for my order to arrive (FREE shipping! Thanks Zappos!), and trying on each of the two pairs I ordered (same shoes, different sizes, anyone else always do this?), all of my dreams came true.


They. Are. Feet Pillows

little mini summer dress & cutest comfortable spring sandals

These shoes are my new favorite spring sandals not only because they are the most comfortable sandals I own now, but also because they are the most amazing color that honestly goes with ANYTHING. The walnut brown suede adds a sophisticated touch to a cute spring dress, denim mini shorts, or even boyfriend jeans (rolled up at the cuffs).

Also, the heel is the PERFECT height for day-to-night looks, and the metal detailing adds a nice edge to an otherwise pretty tame shoe style.

little mini summer dress & cutest comfortable spring sandals

I obviously went for the little spring dress look this time, but I'm looking forward to wearing these with a more casual outfit that I can wear around NYC shopping and eating ice cream this summer. Yup, I need special shoes and a cute outfit for ice cream eating activities (this picture above was actually taken outside the SoCo in Great Barrington…yum!).  

little mini summer dress & cutest comfortable spring sandals

If you're like me and can't walk in heels if you're life depended on it (think Zombie Apocalypse), and you're too scared to try these little heels out, they have a lower / no heel style HERE. Now EVERYONE can be happy.

P.S. I have yet to return the pair of size 6.5 shoes I ordered. Thank god for Zappos's 365 Day Return Policy. Procrastinators Busy Modern Women Unite!