DIY: Studded iPhone Case for under $6!

DIY: Studded iPhone Case for under $6!

It’s pretty obvious that studded iPhone cases are the new “it” thing. We are seeing them more and more on sites like, where people sell handmade, unique custom cases, as well as on more mainstream sites. I swear the other night I left my phone on a table at a bar when I went to get a drink, and came back to three guys surrounding my iPhone asking where I got my case. It was insanity. Apparently these cases are also boynip (you know–like catnip, but for boys…).

 Anyways, the problem is that these cases can get pretty expensive, so I decided to order the supplies for myself and create my own. Check out how I made a cute studded case for under $6 below~

Materials Needed:

1. Super glue (I chose CyberBond’s APOLLO cyanoacrylate)

2. iPhone Case (I chose a matte plastic black case from E-bay for $0.99.)

3. Metals “Iron on” studs (I used 8mm Hotfix Iron On Flat Back Antique Bronze Pyramid Studs from I got 100 pcs for $11.50.) I ended up using 37 pcs total, which comes out to be around $4.25.

4. Tape

5. Rubbing Alcohol or nail polish remover & Q-tips

6. Accelerator Spray (I chose BLAST Accelerator for APOLLO)


Step 1: Gather materials. I would definitely put newspaper underneath your workspace because this can get really messy. It’s also nice to have a collection of different sizes and kinds of studs so you can really get creative with the pattern you want to do.

As I stated earlier in the materials section, I chose to use Cyberbond glue and accelerate. These are AMAZING. The glue dries instantly and is extremely strong and durable. I actually dropped the first case I made on the floor maybe 20 min. after gluing the studs on, and nothing happened to it. This glue is killer. The accelerator is optional, but it does help the drying, and a quick spray evaporates in less than 30 seconds.


Step 2: Place the studs on the iPhone case in the pattern that you would like to glue them in, and place tape around the edges of your pattern so that the glue does not get on the case when you are attaching the studs. This is very important, because although the glue is AMAZING for keeping the studs on, the whole “super” glue thing is the real deal. Therefore, if you get it on the case in a place that you aren’t planning to cover with studs, it isn’t possible to remove it and it looks messy.

So be sure to be really careful when applying the glue and to use tape (I just used regular ole’ scotch tape) to protect the case! It is easy to remove the tape after you’ve glued your studs on, and it can also help you to glue the studs on in a straight line.

Step 3: Place a tiny drop of glue either on the stud or on the area of the case where you want to place the stud. I tend to place it on the case rather than on the stud because I find it to be less messy that way. You don’t even really need to press down on the stud to hold it in place, it will pretty much stick there on its own after a couple seconds. As you go along, try to tape the areas that you aren’t going to stud in order to prevent glue from ruining the color of the case.

Step 4: After all the studs are secure, spray a small amount of accelerate on the studs. It’s OK if it gets on the case because it evaporates quickly and does not leave a mark. Remove the tape. If you got any glue on the surface of the studs, you can use a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to clean off the studs. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really work for glue that has gotten on the iPhone case.

Step 5: Enjoy your new custom-made iPhone case and brag to your friends about your advanced artistic abilities! Here are some pictures of the finished look:

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