Effy Stonem (Skins UK) Makeup Tutorial

Effy Stonem (Skins UK) Makeup Tutorial
Effy Makeup

Remember our post on Effy Stonem’s immpecable style? Well, next we want to share with you one of the coolest parts about her look– her makeup.  Chalk it up to amazing SKINS stylists, but her look always reflects her state of mind.  Hanging out with friends?  Natural look with a neutral lip.  Feeling reckless?  Smoky eyes and a whole lot of liner.  Here’s a how-to so you can ramp up your look to embrace the sexy grunge that our favorite UK rebel defines.

Effy Stonem :: Grunge Chic


1. Jealous of Kaya Scodelario’s flawless complexion? Apply a thin layer of tinted moisturizer over your regular moisturizer to smooth out any discoloration in your face.  In addition to creating a great canvas, you get the added benefit of some skin care and an extra layer of SPF!  Try the one from Laura Mercier or Nars.  A little highlighter under your eyes will eliminate those dark circles, leaving you looking healthy and refreshed.  The Supernova Radiance pen from current obsession fresh is perfect for this.

2. Grab a fluffy blush brush to sweep on a little gold-toned blush, like this Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown.  Make sure you hit your cheekbones, forehead, nose, and chin.  This will help warm things up a bit and leave your skin luminescent.  Effy usually sticks with a porcelain look, though, so don’t go overboard!  A little gold goes a long way

3. To cake on the liner like Effy, MAC’s Fluidline is the only way to go.  Use a flat liner brush to trace the edge of your eyelid, leaving a thick, black line all around your eye, including in the corner.  Go around a few times, building the thickness of the line each time.  Extend the top and bottom lines so that they meet a little outside the corner of your eye.  This will elongate your eyes and leave them looking whiter than usual in contrast to the black.

 4. Next step: smoky eyes. Locate the line that leads from the bottom slope of your eye to your eyebrow.   With a thin eye shadow brush, lightly trace this line with black eye shadow, stopping when you’re about  half an inch from your eyebrow. Then, run the brush horizontally across your eye, mimicking the slope of your eyelid, only higher.  Finally, head toward the inside corner of your eye.  You should have a nice outline of the area that will become your smoky eye.

Fill in the space with black shadow, making the outside darker than the inside.  Urban Decay makes a great palette for smoky eyes if you want to mix some of the darker colors and see what you come up with.  A solid black on the outside with a charcoal on the inside half can make your eyes seem larger and sexier.

To achieve that super smoky, I’m-just-too-cool Effy vibe, brush some charcoal shadow underneath your eye, softening the line of the eyeliner.  Besides, when you’ve been up all night doing drugs and engaging in questionable activities, your eyeliner is bound to smear.  We’re just trying to get that look without the, er, revelry.

5. LOTS AND LOTS OF MASCARA!!!  If you’re into false lashes, they will totally amp up your look, so go for it.  If not, just be sure to use anything that will thicken and lengthen.  Some favorites: Plush Lash from MAC, Full Blown from Laura Mercier, or even just Stiletto from Maybelline.

6. Last but not least, grab a berry colored lip-gloss and you’re good to go!  Surprising that Effy would wear anything “berry,” I know, but she does.  For realz.  Pick your favorite or choose one of mine: Color Fever by Lancome in Intense Fuschia, Lèvres Scintillantes from Chanel in Désir, or Image Factory by Smashbox in Fab, which has the added bonus of a plumper!

Some tips:

+ Use a primer, like this one from Smashbox, on your lids before applying your eye shadow so it doesn’t smear or clump and stays on without fading. Unless that’s what you want—I mean, hey, we’re going for a grunge look, right?

+ Also, putting on lip balm before lip-gloss will keep your lips silky smooth.

+ Finally, nothing beats a good finisher.  A few sprays of this Urban Decay finisher will keep your skin in great shape for hours.

About the Author: Sarah is Emma’s go-to for makeup advice & styling tips. Thanks for writing this post, Sar!