The #1 Solution for Faded Blonde Highlights & Less #BlondeProblems!

The #1 Solution for Faded Blonde Highlights & Less #BlondeProblems!

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As a proud member of the brunette-to-blonde population who requires regular (and expensive) highlights to keep my blonde looking fresh and updated, I've tried a number of different methods to extend the brightness of my blonde between salon appointments. But, only ONE solution actually works for me.

The Best New Solution to Fixing Your Faded Blonde Highlights at Home!

| Why does my blonde color fade over time? |

I've noticed that my blonde color starts to change within a month of getting my highlights, even though I limit hair washes and blowdrys (1-2 times per week).

As frustrating and random as this seems, it makes sense

The toner that your colorist rinses your hair with after bleaching is what actually creates the shade of blonde you want. If your hairdresser is good, they will only use a semi-permanent toner on your hair. The semi-permanent nature of the toner is what causes the color to fade a bit over time, especially after washing it multiple times.

The Best New Solution to Fixing Your Faded Blonde Highlights at Home!
Yuck…that brassiness is no good! Check the orangey tones in the mid-shafts of my hair.

| How do I keep my blonde color from fading or getting “brassy”? |

So, we know that washing your hair is the biggest contributing factor to draining that bright blonde you paid for in the salon because it slowly rinses out the semi-permanent toner in your hair.

Therefore, one solution to making your hair last longer is just not washing it as much.


That's not super realistic. And even washing mine just 1-2 times per week leads to eventual fading for me. So, is there a solution that allows you to keep your hair clean and avoid spending MORE money on another toning or coloring session at the salon? 

Yup, and that solution is..


The Best New Solution to Fixing Your Faded Blonde Highlights at Home!
How do I keep my blonde so…BLONDE? Purple shampoo!

| Why should I use a purple shampoo? |

Purple shampoo is like a semi-semi-permanent toner (a little less potent than the one used in the salon) and it works through the violet tones neutralizing the unwanted yellow or brassy colors in your hair.

Washing your hair with a purple shampoo will prevent your color from fading too fast because it's doing a little bit of toning itself every time you use it! Watch the video below for a demonstration. 

| Which purple shampoo is the best for color-treated blonde hair? |

Salons usually only sell super-expensive purple shampoos that the average layperson cannot afford (especially since we just dropped major money on our highlights!), so, I did some research (and some purple shampoo testing). 

My favorite, and in my opinion, the most effective AND most affordable purple shampoo is Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo.

Just see for yourself; the picture below is a before and after with only ONE wash using Fanola.

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo for Brassy Blondes Before & After
Credit: Sakura Hair & Beauty (Pinterest)

| Why is Fanola's No Yellow Shampoo so awesome? |

1. It works. No more brassy. So much more blonde.

2. Smells amazing.

3. It's SO affordable compared to its other salon counterparts.

(I did the math, and it's actually TWICE as affordable as Oribe, which I have used before as well).

Fanola No Yellow Shampoo for Brassy Blondes Before & After
Credit: @blackswallowboutique / @okevaaa

Trust me, Fanola will be the greatest new addition to your haircare repertoire. I'm calling it as the next big thing right now.

| Where can I purchase Fanola? |

One of my favorite Australian online stores, Black Swallow Boutique, carries a variety of different sizes and types of Fanola's products, so you can easily find one that fits your needs. PLUS, I got a really awesome discount code for you guys. I would advise to buy sooner than later, however, because last time they sold out within hours!

The Best New Solution to Fixing Your Faded Blonde Highlights at Home!

If you try it, let me know what you think! Happy blonde-ing!