HotBox Top Ten: The Best (& most affordable) Online Boutiques

I love trends…but I don’t love having the same “trendy” item of clothing that everyone else has. To me, that just completely takes away the appeal of wearing the item. I like wearing things that are “on-trend,” but still unique and special…these are the kinds of clothes & accessories that get compliments!

P.S. I update this from time to time depending on my favorite boutiques at the time.

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1. Nasty Gal

Sign up at Nasty Gal for a chance to get your hands on a vintage Chanel bag. Ooh la la is right!

2. Foreign Exchange 

3. Tobi 

4. LuLu’s

Nothing but Summer Skies - Shop Hot Summer Looks at LuLu*s

5. 80′s Purple

6. Pixie Market 

7. Sabo Skirt

8. Princess Polly 

9. Shop Akira

HotBox Top 10: Best Online Boutiques

10. 2020 Ave

Shop 2020AVE Today!


Click HERE for PART TWO!

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