Stalk My Style: Crop-Top Turtlenecks & Mini Skirts

Stalk My Style: Crop-Top Turtlenecks & Mini Skirts
100% boys tears iPhone case

I have a secret and it's that I purely subsist on 100% boy's tears. It keeps me young. But, seriously, how dope is this iPhone case? Girls, I know you want it. Maybe boys too. But that somehow feels like cannibalism. Anyways, there's more where this came from at Velvet Caviar, so check it out.

In other news, I've decided that turtlenecks are sexy. I used to never be caught dead in one, but now I find myself wearing them all the time. This one from LookBook Store is actually one of my favorites–a crop top rose-colored comfy-as-f**k turtleneck sweater that goes perfectly with a high waisted skirt or even shorts.

turtlenecks & high socks outfit

I personally chose to wear it with a Forever 21 skirt I bought probably four years ago, and…surprise, surprise…over the knee socks! When it's 50 degrees in wintertime, I feel like it's appropriate to break out the over-the-knees. I was debating whether to pair this skirt with booties or with my Stuart Weitzman lowlands, but decided on the booties because I've been wearing my lowlands like every day and I feel like you guys are getting tired of looking at them. turtlenecks & high socks outfit

And, of course, I can't forget about my trusty Celine! I LOVE this bag. It is literally the perfect size for me–I can fit so much in it and it's not too bulky or in my way, ever. Also, it looks good. You can find your very own Celine in store OR, if you want to save some money, try getting it preowned from a site like Tradesyturtlenecks & high socks outfitturtlenecks & high socks outfitturtlenecks & high socks outfitturtlenecks & high socks outfit*****

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