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Wear a Bikini, Save a Rainforest.

Wear a Bikini, Save a Rainforest.

The search for a new swimwear brand to be obsessed with literally never stops for me (which is also why I update the list of my favorite swimwear brands so often), and the latest find in my never-ending bikini journey is Salty Mermaid.

New Swimwear Brand Salty Mermaid Looks Hot and Gives Back

Not only are these bikinis super colorful and fun (see my carnival-inspired bikini modeled above), but also support an amazing cause. For every swimwear purchase made through their website, they donate $10 to the Iracambi Organization, which is a Brazilian non-profit that aims to protect the rainforests while also improving rural livelihoods. 

It was therefore very fitting that I made Salty Swimwear my go-to bikinis for my trip to Costa Rica, which has some of the most beautiful rainforests in the world. 

New Swimwear Brand Salty Mermaid Looks Hot and Gives Back

This was my first time to Costa Rica, and it was GORGEOUS. My boyfriend and I went for the weekend to attend a wedding at Flamingo Beach Resort in Guanacaste, and since it's 90 degrees already there (and the pools are BEAUTIFUL), I knew I needed some killer bikinis to last me the entire weekend.

Luckily, As you can see above, this Strappy Starlet bikini top is designed to be tied at least two ways (trust me, there are more), and many of the cheeky bikini bottoms they sell are reversible with different colors. So, basically I had like four bikinis in one! I love me some good ole' versatile bikini action (especially because I am NOT above outfit repeating). 

New Swimwear Brand Salty Mermaid Looks Hot and Gives Back

These pictures were taken on the little balcony right outside our room, which had the cutest and most comfortable colorful hammock that I have ever seen. I just loved how vibrant all of the colors were on this trip–let's just say it might it pretty easy to take some awesome pictures. 

Cute Beach Outfit with corset bikini top & maxi skirt

While I wasn't doggy-paddling around the resort's swimming pool in my Strappy Starlet bikini, and avoiding what I believe to be highly shark-infested ocean waters, I opted for the simpler Corset Cutie top paired with a flowy maxi skirt for walking around the hotel groups and feasting on Strawberry Daiquiris (my addiction) in the pool bar.  

Cute Beach Outfit with corset bikini top & body chains

As you can see, we found a few more colorful hammocks during our exploratory walks around the hotel grounds, in which I was tempted once or twice to take a nap to prepare for the night's festivities. Unfortunately, we were only in Costa Rica for a short time and didn't get a chance to experience the full ‘nature' experience (some of our friends got to swim in waterfalls!!), but luckily the resort was a in a beautiful location and we at least got a little taste for the culture of Costa Rica, especially because the groom's family was originally from here. 

Colorful carnival-inspired bikini by Salty Swimwear

If you're looking for some amazingly flattering and super colorful bikinis, be sure to check out Salty Mermaid–these swimsuits really are my new favorites and I can't wait to show them off more this summer! Check out some of my other favorite picks from their store here and here