Obsessions: Gossip Girl Style Under $100 (Serena Van Der Woodsen)

Obsessions: Gossip Girl Style Under $100 (Serena Van Der Woodsen)

I don't watch Gossip Girl anymore. I stopped around season 3 or 4 when they had all had sex with each other at least once and the writers started bringing in randos to fill the obvious lack of an interesting storyline. The only reason I really watched (and continued to watch after the first season) was to admire all of the glamorous outfits.

Gossip Girl's glamour comes with a price, however, and usually a hefty one. So I've compiled three outfit sets of my favorite Serena Van Der Woodsen looks, all with items under $100.

Check 'em out below.


The Schoolgirl Look

I've always liked the schoolgirl look in general, but Serena makes the schoolgirl look GLAM. I did my own take on Serena's look below, adding in an animal print bag and a detachable collar to update this look to current trends. The schoolgirl look is great because it's timelessness is reflected in the ease with which it can be updated by adding a few token trend pieces.
The Embellished Blazer Look
I am obsessed with this blazer. I love the pairing of the gold glitter with tapered blue pants. These are two pieces that you would never think would go together, but look pretty much amazing. Tapered pants are very in right now, and pairing them with a casual tank ties together the dressy blazer and chiffon slacks into a more casual, but eye-popping look.
The Boobs-Out Charity Function Dress
Yes, Serena, we know you have great boobs. Thanks for rubbing it in our face (almost literally, in this dress). I chose a dip-hem chiffon style dress for this look, with a chain mail wraparound and strappy black and gold heels. This outfit would be great for New Years Eve, a super fancy holiday party, or any other dressy function. It's sexy, trendy, and pretty much great for any season.