#SeasonsofColor with a Little Striped Mini Dress & MyWalit

#SeasonsofColor with a Little Striped Mini Dress & MyWalit
Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

Spring, the #seasonofcolor, is almost here in New York, but let's be honest–my #seasonofcolor will always include some form of black and white (my two favorite colors). I loved pairing this little striped mini dress with these black leather Nikes and my perfect little MyWalit companion! I think this look is the perfect transitional outfit into a (hopefully) warmer New York City Spring–I love the edgy (and comfortable) look of a mini dress with sneakers, and the pop of color that my Rio Flapper bag brings to the outfit adds a nice playful layer to an otherwise fairly simple ensemble. Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

I'm pretty much in love with this adorable leather bag–the Rio Flapover isn't too big or too small; it's the perfect compact companion for running around the city, while still keeping me organized. It can fit all my essentials, including my camera, phone, wallet, chapstick, keys and sunglasses, and even has a little pocket for my phone (yes, I like this because I ALWAYS lose my phone in my purse). I'm a huge fan of practical handbags, but this has BOTH the cute factor and the usability factor–the soft grained leather is beautiful and classic, but it's not so delicate that I'm afraid to actually use it. Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

The pop of color in the hand-cut, premium leather shoulder strap and hand-stitching adds a fun, colorful look to any outfit, and I love the way wearing it with black and white really makes it stand out as a unique accessory piece! Mywalit, the original multi-color international brand of quality leather handbags and small leather products, has tons of fun, avant-garde designs on their site, with a range of bright and beautiful colors.  All of their products are hand-made with only the finest leathers from around the world , so the highest quality is obviously guaranteed. Let's just say I'm not worried about this bag falling apart on me anytime soon. Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

I have to say that as classic and durable as this bag is, my favorite thing about it is that it's super versatile. Not only can I wear this bag year round–the black leather goes with literally anything and the blue accents on the bag also make it compatible with spring and summer outfits, but also I can wear it over my shoulder or cross body! This is something that's really important to me because when I'm running around the city (especially going on the subway or through crowded areas), I like to wear my bags cross body, however, when I'm having a more relaxed day I like to wear them over the shoulder because I personally find it more comfortable. This bag looks cute and feels good both ways–jackpot!

Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

You can really see how fun and colorful the strap is here without my jacket–who said blue and black don't look good together, amirite??Striped Mini Dress & Leather JacketSo now that you guys know how awesome MyWalit is, be sure to check out Mywalit's full collection for more Spring/Summer outfit inspiration! I guarantee you'll find something fun to play around with. My Rio Flapper bag comes in five different colors, with contrast stitching on all of them (my favorite part)! Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket You can also follow Mywalit on FacebookInstagram (@mywalitofficial) & Twitter (@mywalit)! Striped Mini Dress & Leather Jacket

Just look at me! I just can't contain my obsession with the total cuteness of my newest little companion. I hope you find your perfect Spring bag too!



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