Stalk My Style: Total Stud Blouse & Printed Lace Skinny Jeans

Blank Laced Skinny Jeans & Embellished Collar Blouse

BLANK Forever Laced Skinny Jeans Nasty Gal Total Stud Blouse in Cream | Vintage Snakeskin Purse

ASOS Sneaker Wedges, Printed Lace Skinny Jeans, Embellished Collar Nasty Gal Blouse

ASOS Sneaker Wedges

ASOS Suede Sneaker Wedges & Printed Lace Skinny Jeans

Nasty Gal Total Stud Blouse in Cream

Vintage Snakeskin Purse & Leather Cuff

Zebra Hair Jaguar Ring [from South Africa] | Gold Studded Leather Cuff Bracelet | Vintage Engraved Gold Bangle Bracelet [Great Grandmother’s]

Nasty Gal Embellished Collar Total Stud Blouse in Cream

I almost died the day we did this shoot because, despite the fact that I am not wearing a jacket, it was like 30 degrees outside. Maybe less, I don’t know I’m not good with temperatures. Regardless, I almost got hypothermia. But fashion is pain, right?

Photography by Rebecca Dale of Broke Betch

  • Pamela Esparza

    Wonderful Outfit! 🙂 But don’t get sick!

    Xo Pam

  • Maria João Silva

    Beautiful outfit! 😀

    xx MJ

  • Jackie

    Love, love the skinny jeans!! Great outfit 🙂

  • TheDressyChick

    You look adorable!

  • samira hoque

    i want your shoes!!

  • BagsandSushi BagsandSushi

    Amazing outfit! Love your shoes!

  • HotChocolateSunshine

    Love your trousers. x Angie

  • Queenly Tan

    This is so simple but so catchy! LIKE! <3