Swap These Old Styles for New Spring Trends

Swap These Old Styles for New Spring Trends

It never fails. Each year, a thorough spring cleaning leaves even the tidiest people confused as to how certain things could unknowingly be left to slip into a mess. There's an inch of dust on the ceiling blades you never noticed. The bottom of the fridge drawers are covered in bits of old, rogue greens. And lord only knows what's hiding under the couch. But hey, it's just what happens when you don't take the time to go through something everyday.

The same excuse does not apply to your wardrobe. This spring, there are a few outfits you should swap out for some new styles if you want to keep your fashionista status. Purge those out-of-date or old trends, starting with a few of these key pieces.

Swap Your Plain Floral for Bright Whites Floral patterns are a dime a dozen this time of year, so swap out a few of yours for a show-stopping and bright-white design instead. If you look at the women's dresses on this site, you can see how many designers are favoring the look in different silhouettes including classic A-lines, flowing maxis, and skin-tight midis.

Cute White Summer Dress

Their versatility works if you need a professional look for the office or a casual sundress on the beach. Keep things bold with neutral accessories in muted tones, or give it a fun twist with colorful footwear or a bright bag.

Swap Your Boring Ballet Flats for Sexy Kitten Heels If you're afraid of a little height on your heel, a low kitten heel makes for an easy transition. They're comfy and easy to balance in, but they have just enough of a heel to give you that feminine ferocity.

cute kitten heels

In this article, writer Jennifer Pearson explained how the fun design of a kitten heel looks great when paired with an equally whimsical outfit. Try a brightly colored dress like Lupita Nyong'o's. She paired her peach-colored kitten heels with an embroidered bright yellow dress. Needless to say, she looked gorgeous—and definitely ready for spring.

Swap Thin Chains for Thick Chokers Last year, long layers of thin chains were all the rage, but this spring it's all about thick, chic chokers. Unlike the plastic varieties of the '90s, today's styles are more reminiscent of looks from mid-to-late 19th century, with additional influences from ornate, gothic fashions. But even though their inspiration comes from high-class fashion, chokers are great for every occasion.

white choker

As writer Olga Permyakova explains here, “From minimalist metal designs, chains, lace and velvet ribbons, rhinestone and buckle embellished to pearls and gems encrusted pieces, the choker necklace fits every occasion and can be worn as part of your casual outfit.” She went on to explain its diversity, stating that it can be “a statement ornament for a night out or a gown accessory in an evening wear ensemble.” I'd concur.

Spring cleaning is about more than a scrubbing the grout in the shower. Clean out your closet this spring, and you'll be ready for all the fashion the rest of the year has to offer.