The Best Skin Routine For Twenty-Somethings: Staying Young!

The Best Skin Routine For Twenty-Somethings: Staying Young!


It's confusing being a twenty-something in a world where looking and staying young is valued because we are young. We have the advantage…but not for long. My biggest fear is that I'll eventually turn out looking like one of those women who is thirty-years old, but because of the kinds of plastic surgery she gets to stay looking young, she ends up looking like a fourty-year old who looks really great for her age.  People are aging themselves in order to try and become ageless! That makes no sense!

As a twenty-one year old who obsesses about thinks about these kinds of things, I've gone on a search for the perfect twenty-something skin care routine that prevents wrinkles and aging and delays the necessity of using botox or plastic surgery later in life. I personally think the best route to go is prevention, and so after discussing with my (fancy NYC) dermatologist and other skin-care “experts” at department stores, I established a skin-care routine for myself that truly has my skin feeling ageless.

1. Use a good facial cleanser.

Facial CleanserI was purposefully ambiguous about this step because everyone has different kinds of skin and no one knows your skin better than you do. I can't tell you what kind of facial cleanser to use, but you should be using one. I personally love Philosophy's Microdelivery daily exfoiliating facial clenaser. It's awesome because it's like a mini gentle facial peel without the irritation or redness, and it's perfect to use in the shower. Furthermore, regular exfoliation helps buffer fine lines in the skin as well as evens skin tone and promotes a healthy glow. I can definitely vouch for this fact as this has hands-down been my favorite facial cleanser that I have ever used.


 2. Use a Vitamin C-based skin care product.

CAccording to Dr. Oz, Vitamin C treatment is the #1 secret to fighting aging skin. Vitamin C solutions are anti-aging, defending against free radicals that cause wrinkles to form. I use my dermatologists' “ALAUR SKIN SOLUTIONS Clock-Stopping C with anti-oxidants,” which is definitely on the expensive side and can only be bought in a package with two other items, and so I've researched and included several other top-rated brands of Vitamin C solution for you guys to choose from. Having researched different products, however, I can only tell you that all the good ones are pretty expensive. With that being said, perhaps it is worth the money if your skin is really important to you. Furthermore, it could save you a lot of money down the road. You should also keep a lookout for all skin products on the flash sale websites because they ALWAYS have them on their for like 50-80% off retail price.

The problem with most Vitamin C products is that they are not great for sensitive skin, so try to buy a product that has less than 25% Vitamin C to avoid skin irritation. The brand I use is especially made for sensitive skin, but still has the effectiveness of a serum with 25% Vitamin C. My brand also includes Green Trea extract, which is important because there is growing evidence that Green Tea actually helps prevent skin cancer. Better safe than sorry, right?

3. Use a face moisturizer with SPF in it.

hopeI am obsessed with my face feeling fresh and moisturized, so I have several moisturizers that I use. The first is by the same skincare brand as my “Clock-Stopping C with antioxidants” serum, and is called “VirginSkin Anti-Cream.” It's basically a “super moisturizer”  that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and makes the skin feel softer. It's also a perfect base for makeup and it's super gentle! I also use Neutrogena Oil Free Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15. It's super cheap, smells good, and overall works great. I think I'm going to switch over to one of the ones below, soon though:

I seriously cannot stress enough how important it is to protect your skin from the sun. Wearing a moisturizer with SPF in it is just one of the steps you can take in protecting your skin. I also wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF as my base layer of makeup instead of wearing a foundation. It keeps my skin feeling refreshed and light, and I also know that it's preventing skin damage! It really is important to wear SPF everyday–even if it doesn't look sunny out, because those harmful rays are still able to penetrate the skin even if it's cloudy. Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a godsend. I'll provide a more thorough review of it in my makeup routine post.

4. Use a (Vitamin A) retinol treatment cream at night.

Help MeRetinol is a great place to start (and end your day with) preventing skin aging before you even get wrinkles! It promotes healthy and seemingly ageless skin by assisting body tissue growth and repair. Basically, retinoid creams boost collagen production and unclog pores to reduce fine lines, discoloration and ultimately smooth out the skin. Although prescription retinoids work the best (like Retin-A), there are tons of over-the-counter retinol treatments that are also effective, including the two that I use: “Continuous Improvement Super ‘A' Retinol” (by Alaur) and Philosophy's “Help Me” Retinol night treatment cream. And, no, I don't use both of them at the same time, but I have used each of them separately and they both work excellently.

Here are some more retinoid creams that work great:

5. Eat healthy, exercise, and avoid the sun!