To Ombré or Not to Ombré?

To Ombré or Not to Ombré?

According to the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, Ombré is defined as: “having colors or tones that shade into each other…graduated from light to dark.”

Ombré can be applied to tons of different things, including clothing, nails, and hair. I’m more interested in the hair aspect of this popular trend, mostly because it’s really fucking cool.  In fact, I like it so much that I’ve been toying with the idea of ombrésizing (?) my own hair for months, which I have never dyed or done anything creative or drastic to in my life. Because I am scared. But there is something about ombré that makes me feel really warm and fuzzy inside….OK but seriously from the pictures of ombré that I’ve stalked for the past few months online, it seems like it can go well with any hair type or hair color.


1. Ombré is trendy and looks good on celebrities, models, and anonymous tumblr beauties
2. Ombré looks good on almost any hair color.
3. You can really get creative with the kind of colors and the intensity of the ombré you actually want. It is a HUGE genre of hair styles that has so many possibilities. You can really tailor it to your specific look or style.
4. Ombré is classic and timeless (certain styles). I chose a really subtle and gradual look with my hair, and it looks super natural. I don’t really have to worry about touch-ups or maintenance because the whole point of ombré is that it is a graduation of color from light to dark, which brings me to my last point…
5. It requires zero maintenace. I really didn’t want to dye my hair before this because getting traditional highlights requires touch-ups, but with ombré, that really isn’t necessary .
Check out some of my favorite ombré styles below. I included some crazy ones so that you can really see how far you can take the style and how creative you can get with it. Personalize & have fun, ladies!
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Note: I do not claim ownership of any of the images used unless otherwise indicated.


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  • Emily Friday

    I love ombre hair! I have it myself atm, except mine’s a darker shade of it – will be making the ends blonder soon! I just need it to be longer now haha! Great post 🙂

    Emily x



    Beautiful! What ombre colour would you recommend for black hair?