Trending: Fur Vests

Trending: Fur Vests

I am OBSESSED with fur vests. They are warm and fuzzy and beautiful.

I know a lot of people (including me) are on the edge about actually investing in a real fur vest, and this could be for a variety of reasons. I absolutely refuse to buy a vest made out of rabbit fur because I have a pet bunny.

However, rabbit fur is the only type of fur I'm really against, and that's just because I have a personal qualm with it. I really don't judge anyone based on whether or not they buy real fur. For this reason, I have included a variety of both real fur and faux fur vests for you guys to look through. I, personally, think that if a faux fur vest is made well, it can look just as classy and expensive as genuine fur. I've aimed to pick out and include only those faux fur vests that don't look like a wet dog.

I'm also trying out a new kind of gallery slideshow. In this gallery, just click on the picture to buy the item (you will be redirected to the url for the website), or just browse through and rate the vests on the slideshow (rating scale is on the bottom)!


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