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Itty Bitty Skulls
Halloween has come and gone, but skulls are here to stay…for now at least. Skulls, like leather biker jackets & moto boots, are great for scaring away your predators. They are also great for man-repelling, which I have mentioned is one of the reasons why I like wearing spiked loafers.


But in all seriousness, skulls (when done right and paired with the rights things), can be very cute and even endearing. If you’re not sure about this trend yet, start out by buying a small piece of skull jewelry, or a scarf with cute little dead heads on it. Then work your way up to a pair of leggings, shirt, or shoes. How can you resist? They’re just so cute…


Warning: Don’t pair more than one skull-related item together, because that just looks trashy and ruins the “trendiness” of your skull-tastic wardrobe pieces. You can play down the scariness of your skulliness by pairing your item with something girly or colorful.
Check out my favorite skull trends below.
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Enjoy xx


Get Ahead Blouse
Phantom Skull Bracelet
Skull Head Belt
Phantom Skull Pants
X-Ray Leggings
*Accessories Boutique:The Skull Scarf in Black and Gray, Scarves for Women
Cream Skull Leggings
Ichabod Cranial Bodysuit
Itty Bitty Skull Earring Set
Truly Madly Deeply Cutout Sweatshirt
Skull Bracelet
Truly Madly Deeply Burnout Skull Sweatshirt
Rock Legend in White
Rock Legend Top
Qupid Salya-600 Studded Skull Round Toe Ballet Flat
Skull Fracture Knit
Skull Crusher Knit
Skull Cutout Bag
Skull-lastic Looks Top
Skull Set Top
Skull Cutout Blouse
Deena & Ozzy Skull-Stud Loafer
Sunset Spike & Skull Necklace


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