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14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that’s where posts like these come in (yes, my boyfriend admitted to looking at ‘Top 15 Best Gifts for your Girlfriend’ posts around Christmas)!

I’ve rounded up some jewelry ideas using some inspiration from Zales that are classy and timeless. For those of you on a budget, there are a lot of options under $200, and there are also options for those of you celebrating an anniversary or looking for something extra special for your significant other!

1. The Classic Diamond Stud ($179)

You really can’t go wrong with a simple, classy and timeless piece that your partner can keep (and wear) forever. Diamond studs are the staple of any sophisticated wardrobe, as well as one of the rites of passage into a stylish adulthood!

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her2. The Diamond Cuff ($314)

The diamond cuff is a really great staple accessory. This premium play on a very classic style adds extra sparkle to a simple silhouette, resulting in a versatile piece that can be worn every day, with any outfit.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


3. The Elegant Pearl Necklace ($179)

Both my grandmother and my mother would say that every woman needs a classic pearl necklace in her jewelry box. This piece really never goes out of style and can effortlessly dress up any look.

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


4. Diamond Rings That Aren’t THE Diamond Ring ($99)

You’d be surprised how exciting a sparkly accessory for your fingers can be. Stackable rings are very on trend right now, and the diamonds on these rings add a luxurious touch.

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


5. The Diamond Tennis Bracelet ($944)

What? Your girlfriend doesn’t play tennis? Trust me, she’ll still want to wear this bracelet. Every woman needs a delicate diamond accessory for her (non-tennis-playing) arm. This is an amazing piece that your significant other will wear happily ever after.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


6. Make-Your-Woman-Feel-Like-A-Queen Opal Earrings ($206)

The opal is one of my personal favorites when it comes to gemstones. It seriously will make any girl look and feel like the queen she was born to be. I mean…so sparkly. That’s all I’m gonna say.lab-created-opal-crown-stud-earrings-10k-gold


7. Stackable Diamond Bangles ($140)

These bangles are some of my favorite versatile pieces. Yes, you get THREE of them for this price: one in  yellow gold, one in rose gold and one in platinum. You can add them to your stack of “arm candy” all together, or you can choose to wear the bangle that best matches your outfit and other accessories.

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


8. The Chocolate Diamond Piece ($1829)

Yes, you read right: chocolate + diamonds. These diamonds don’t just sound delicious, they look GORGEOUS. The Le Vain Collection at Zales is full of these babies, so if you think your special someone would love a tasty-sounding diamond for a very special Valentine’s or Anniversary present, check it out.

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


9. Elegant Pearl Earrings…With An Edge ($197)

Just like every woman should have a string of pearls in her life, she should also have a pair of pearl studs. The  white sapphire accents on this pair give them the perfect modern twist for your fashion-forward gal.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


10. The Classic Diamond Necklace ($599)

What girl doesn’t want a beautiful sparkly necklace covered in white sapphires? Look for a simple, yet stunning pendant that your woman can wear every day. This necklace is quite versatile; it would look cute with more casual every-day style or a red-carpet-esque floor-length gown!

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


11. The Simple & Stunning Diamond Bracelet ($161)

Are you catching the theme of this gift idea post yet? Simple and elegant. Every woman needs simple and classy jewelry that will last her a lifetime and that she can wear every day. A diamond bangle like the one below checks every box.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


12. Those ‘Something Special’ Earrings ($229)

My favorite budget-friendly piece in this article by far, these earrings are truly unique. I mean, champagne diamond studs…yes, they are named after an alcoholic beverage. Has your girlfriend ever said no to champagne? That’s what I thought. Add to cart.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


13. Three Diamonds Are Better Than One Necklace ($829)

I think the name says it all…who doesn’t want three diamonds hanging from their neck? The linear style of this diamond drop pendant would look amazing with a deep-v neckline for a formal event. I’m just saying…maybe this necklace should also come with a red carpet event.

14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her

14. The Birthstone Piece ($349)

Last, but not least, is the birthstone piece, which, in my opinion, is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to a significant other. My birthstone happens to be Amethyst, so I chose a beautiful pair of diamond-accented amethyst studs for this list, but Zales has an awesome selection of other gemstone pieces to choose from as well.14 "Somethin' Special" Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Her


Thanks for reading, and I hope this post gave you some great ideas for Valentine’s Day. And remember, you can shop Zales in-store or online. Now, fly little birds, fly!