Winter #MomentsofChic with Piperlime & Seychelles

Moments of Chic Piperlime Sequin Dress and leather jacket

 Who knew that sequins and leather go so well together? I love adding an edgy leather piece to a more traditionally feminine look. This Piperlime sequin dress is perfect going into the holiday season, and pairing it with these Seychelles booties adds an extra flare to the ensemble. I accessorized with a spiked leather clutch from […]

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SKYLER: Shop the Weather

SKYLER Shop the weather app

There are two things I obsessively do: check the weather and online shop. Although checking the weather is significantly less damaging to my paycheck, I’ve now found a way to combine these two hobbies into one, which, unfortunately for my wallet, has given me easy access to a one-stop-shop for all my favorite brands and […]

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Leather Pants & Oversized Knit for the Win feat. Chiara Fashion

edgy fall outfit with leather pants and oversized sweater

There’s just something amazing about a comfy pair of leatherette leggings and a warm oversized knit together. It’s edgy, yet comfy. Fashionable, yet casual. The pairing looks amazing without trying too hard, and those are the kind of looks I will be going for this winter, especially as it gets increasingly colder and my layering […]

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Rock a Skort, Save a Life

edgy fall outfit with high socks Tobi Gabriella Skort

Remember that time you wore a skort when you were seven because you didn’t know how to wear a skirt without flashing your underwear to everyone? Well, these little guys are perfect for going out in because we all know that little kids are actually just tiny drunk people. I wore it out to a […]

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Males Only: A Timely Holiday Gift Guide for Men

perfect watches and holiday gifts for men

Some of you may remember my previous post on men’s watches and how important they are in showcasing a man’s class and style. A good watch can be a man’s partner in crime–an investment in his career, his image, and, ultimately, his self. If you’ve already done yourself a favor and bought a sick watch, […]

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