Is the Little Shirt Dress (LSD) a thing yet?

Little shirtdress & over the knee boots

You know about the little black dress (LBD), the little denim dress (LDD), but did you know about the little shirt dress (LSD)?! Well, if it’s not already a thing, then I call inventing it. This adorable shirt dress from Tobi is my new favorite date/drinks out staple outfit. It’s really versatile (can be dressed […]

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25 Dresses to Keep You Warm this Valentine’s Day

Perfect Dress for Valentine's Day!

Here is a roundup of my picks of Valentine’s Day dresses for this year! There are options for more casual date nights that end with a Netflix and Chill, some styles for a fancier dinner that end with a Netflix and Chill…and of course…something special for just a plain old Netflix & Chill (by yourself). Enjoy! […]

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I Only Drink 100% Boy’s Tears

100% boys tears iPhone case

I have a secret and it’s that I purely subsist on 100% boy’s tears. It keeps me young. But, seriously, how dope is this iPhone case? Girls, I know you want it. Maybe boys too. But that somehow feels like cannibalism. Anyways, there’s more where this came from at Velvet Caviar, so check it out. […]

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Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting for He & She Who Have It All

Best Creative Valentines Day Gifts for HE who already has everything!

I think my go-to present for anything boyfriend-related has always been a wallet. For some reason, most of my past boyfriends have either used a rubber band, a paperclip or some form of seven-year-old-boy velcro wallet. Needless to say, I need a little help in the creativity department when it comes to gifts. I feel like […]

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15 Trendy Activewear Brands to Love That Aren’t LuluLemon

Top 15 Trendiest Brands for Fitness Activewear

LuluLemon is basic. Yeah, I said it. Everyone wears it, and frankly, I’m looking for some new material (pun intended). So, I’ve been scouring the interwebs (mainly Instagram) for other cute, affordable brands to wear while sweating my face off. I have to say that my current favorite is Fabletics (it’s hands-down the cheapest for […]

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