The Bikini Brand That Makes Your Body AND Your Soul Feel Good

The Bikini Brand That Makes Your Body AND Your Soul Feel Good

Salty Mermaid Swimwear x Fashion Hotbox
[This post is sponsored by Salty Mermaid Swimwear]
Merbabes around the world rejoice–because it turns out that the perfect bikini not only makes you feel good about your bodybut also makes you feel real good about your soul.

Yes, it's true that Salty Mermaid's amazingly cheery tropical and geometric patterns will have you feelin' all sunny inside, but what's really amazing about this swimwear brand is how they give back.

For every swimsuit sold, $10 will be donated to a Brazil based non-profit that helps keep the rainforests happy and healthy. They also donate to saving the Rhinos (sidenote: Rhino families are the cutest thing you will ever see). That, my friends, makes my soul feel happy and healthy.

Who knew that wearing a sexy bikini could actually do some good in the world? Well, now YOU do.
Salty Mermaid Swimwear x Fashion Hotbox
Carnival Balconette Brazilian Brazilian Bikini Set ($145)
I've taken these bikinis all over the world with me–from the beaches of Costa Rica for a tropical vacation to the lakes of Italy for a summer getaway…to my rooftop in Tribeca…for an iced coffee. 

I'm telling you guys–sunbathing on my roof in 75 degree weather while wearing this bikini almost has me thinking I'm soaking up the rays in Tulum. This October summer isn't so bad after all.
Salty Mermaid Swimwear x Fashion Hotbox
Salty Mermaid Carnival Brazilian Corset Bikini Bottoms ($70)

Check out some of my favorite Salty Mermaid picks below:

These one-pieces are a total game changer for how I think about sexy swimwear:

These two-piece bikinis are tropical, sexy and a must-have for all merbabes out there:

The two Salty Mermaid bikinis I own are truly my go-tos for both tropical (and European) vacations AND chilling out in the sun on my roof with an iced coffee in hand. You really can't go wrong with these babies, and I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone who wants to look AND feel good.

Happy shopping, lovelies!